International Trade Group has signed a number of successful contracts in the 3 years of its activity, which is a significant indicator of active operations and continuous growth in the field of digital assets. The accumulated experience of our leading specialists-analysts allows us to thoroughly analyze and study digital assets and hold a stable position in this market segment.

A team of professional analysts studies and analyzes data from various sources on a daily basis and audits investors’ trading transactions. Under the leadership of Maxim Rybin, Farid Babayev and Igor Porokh a whole department of professional analysts was created, who conduct regular audits on the research of the circulation of digital investments in the Ukrainian economic and banking spheres at the legislative level.

Introduction, legalization and promotion of digital assets in Ukraine is the main goal of our union. The Association of Banks of Ukraine is an active participant in the implementation of the digital assets market at the state and management level by organizing professional and systematic work on draft laws, constantly monitoring the banking sector, and promoting the development of small and medium business in Ukraine. The Association of Ukrainian Banks expands relations with foreign societies in order to represent the interests of the banking community abroad.

   Cooperation with the Association of Ukrainian Banks is a new step to legalization of digital assets, transition of our state to a new level of interaction with foreign banking systems through unity and cooperation between all banks. AUB always supports and represents the interests of its members in the NBU, the Verkhovna Rada Committee, the State Financial Monitoring Committee, promotes financial inclusion and literacy, organizes specialized events for financial market participants. ITG team believes that joint developments and the beginning of interaction with the leader of the Ukrainian banking system, makes a major contribution at the economic and legislative level of our state, unites not only banks, but also people around the world.

Young, perspective leadership, which is headed by Andriy Dubas, will always protect not only the rights of Ukrainian banks, but also their colleagues. Creative approach and a constant search for solutions to complex issues are never a burden for AUB, because the association employs professionals who will always find a way out of a problematic situation.

International Trade Group together with the Association of Ukrainian Banks conducts joint work on the analysis and audit of the banking sphere and implementation of legislative acts, studying the market of digital assets and attracting new partners. The future plans of our union are to create Blockchain technology for all register of transparent investments and taxation, because it is a guarantee of unity, productivity and partnership on the way to a common goal.

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